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Welcome to the NH Judicial Branch Self Help site

This page will assist you in resolving any questions or issues you may have as you go forward through the judicial system. These pages provide basic, practical information about the New Hampshire court system, how it works, and what the procedures are for bringing a case to court.

You should be aware that when you come to court without a lawyer you take a risk. The court staff can provide you legal information, but cannot give you legal advice. See this short video (Español) to learn more about what the court staff can provide. Sometimes even simple matters can have legal consequences that you are unaware of or do not understand. Resources may be available to you for low-cost legal assistance.


Want to represent yourself in court? Visit our Self-Represented webpage to learn more about what to expect at a courthouse and the resources available to you inside and outside the court system.

I want to represent myself  

The New Hampshire Court System's doors are open to all, whether you use a lawyer or represent yourself. There are several agencies that provide low-cost legal aid or free (pro bono) legal aid. You may also be able to hire a lawyer to help you with part of your legal case which could save time and money.

I'm looking for legal assistance  

In some instances, depending on your case, there are alternatives to legal action, which are known in the court system as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs. For many types of issues, such as small claims actions, probate matters and domestic relations issues, ADR can offer an alternative to a court action which can save you money and time. For other problems, there may be resources in the community that can help you.

I'm interested in learning more about ADR  

How to Access a Lawyer

Administrative Judge David D. King explains the resources available to you to hire a lawyer for your case.

Length: 05:32 | Transcript: How to Access a Lawyer

Legal Definitions

Judge David LeFrancois explains some of the words you might come across in the New Hampshire court system.

Length: 11:55 | Transcript: Legal Definitions

What to Expect at a Court Hearing

Never been to a court? Administrative Judge Susan W. Ashley explains what you can expect when you go to a court hearing.

Length: 4:24 | Transcript: What to Expect at a Court Hearing
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Notice about the Self-Help pages

Notice about the Self-Help pages

The Self-Help website should not be considered a substitute for legal advice. It contains basic information about court procedures, locations, forms and fees. You will also find helpful information about legal assistance. The Judicial Branch is not responsible for any error or omission on this website.

Need more help?

The staff in the Clerk's office and the staff in the Trial Court Information Center (1-855-212-1234) will be happy to help you. But, please remember that the court staff must remain impartial.  They do not take sides.  They give the same information to both sides to a case. Callers from outside the US or Canada must use the Circuit Court's toll number: 603-415-0162.

Contact the Court Information Center