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NHJB Committee on Domestic Violence

Status Report

DV Committee Updated Status Report March 2023

On March 8, 2022, the Supreme Court created a Committee on Domestic Violence as a standing committee in the Judicial Branch. The initial charge of this Committee is to catalogue all of the recommendations made by the Task Force on Domestic Violence from early March 2022. The Committee will then monitor the implementation of those recommendations that have been adopted or approved by the Judicial Branch.

Committee members include: 

  • Dianne Martin, Chair, Administrative Office of the Courts Director
  • Hon. Kimberly Chabot, Justice of the Circuit Court 
  • Jean Kilham, NHJB Domestic Violence Program Manager
  • Anne Zinkin, Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Karen Gorham, Superior Court Administrator
  • Katie Tripp, Circuit Court Clerk

Recommendations to be Implemented

The recommendations being monitored by the Committee are based on seven categories. These include:

  1. Review existing court practice and procedures and identify resources necessary to better support victims of domestic violence
  2. Analyze the current status of New Hampshire law regarding domestic violence
  3. Recommend criteria for the Judicial Branch to make public on its website appellate decisions related to RSA chapters 173-B and RSA 633:3-a
  4. Review court forms as they relate to protection from domestic violence and make recommendations for improvement
  5. Explore opportunities to provide victims of domestic violence increased access to assistance from attorneys and victim advocates
  6. Analyze the current state of relationships between the courts, law enforcement, the criminal defense bar, and domestic violence advocates and steps that can be taken to improve communication
  7. Other relevant subject matters

The Committee has created a catalogue of recommendations that denotes those that can be implemented entirely by the Judicial Branch and those which will require action by external stakeholders and government officials. 

Committee Reports & Minutes

The Committee produces regular status reports to the Supreme Court that document the progress on the implementation of the recommendations.


Changes to Court  Website, Forms and Other Processes to Implement Task Force Recommendations

Task Force Report

The Task Force on Domestic Violence Cases in the New Hampshire Judicial Branch released a lengthy report from which the recommendations were derived that can be found at

Also see this page for more information on the Domestic Violence Task Force.