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Supreme Court "On the Road"

"On the Road" is a unique event, providing students, and community members, the opportunity to see the State’s highest court up close and learn about its work through a dialogue with the lawyers and the justices. “On the Road” is the only occasion when the Court convenes for oral argument outside the Supreme Court building in Concord.

The 2024 edition of New Hampshire Supreme Court "On the Road" was held at Plymouth Regional High School in Plymouth, NH, in April 2024.


"On the Road" oral arguments follow the same pattern as ones held at the Supreme Court courtroom in Concord. 

  • Each side is given fifteen minutes to argue their case. The only difference being, when each oral argument is finished, the justices leave the bench which allows for the lawyers on both sides to answer questions about their case from the students in attendance. 
  • At the conclusion of the Q&A session regarding the case, the justices return to the stage, without their robes. They are seated more informally and answer questions from the students.


Previous "On the Road" sessions have been recorded and you can listen to them on the Supreme Court Live Stream webpage.