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List Service

About the List Service

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has established an electronic mail service ("List Service" in Internet parlance) to be used as a means of notifying interested individuals about significant changes to the Judicial Branch's website. This service will allow individuals to subscribe, and unsubscribe, to this service at will.


The purpose of the service is to allow individuals to await an email message about a change at the website rather than having to visit the site regularly seeking additions and modifications. We hope that this service will streamline your operation and not overload your email service with unwanted email. Remember that you can always unsubscribe from this service at any time.

Whenever a non-minor change is made to our website, we will post a message to this service for all to receive. Examples of those Web updates that will cause a posting include: newly released supreme court opinions, press releases, and announcements. Small changes that will not cause a posting include: change to a court clerk's name, a new phone number for a court. Our goal is to keep you advised of the significant events on the website, not to pepper you with trivia.


This service is not open to the public for general postings, nor can subscribers post to the list service. In effect, this is a one-way service: you subscribe and we email you. You will not receive "spam" from being a member of this service. You can not use the service to email others on the list. The mailing list names and addresses are not available to the public or subscribers. Should you receive any email from this service that does not appear to originate with the Judicial Branch, be sure to advise us immediately. 

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Subscribe to the List Service

Subscribe to the List Service

To sign up for the list service see the General Information Page, where you can also change your password, stop or restart your subscription, or change from plain text to MME.

Also, if you have other uses that you would like to see added, let us know by sending an email to the list service coordinator.