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The Communications Office handles all internal and external court communications, all media related issues, distribution of public information, production of New Hampshire Judicial Branch events and maintenance of judicial branch websites.

We are here to assist our courts with media management, rules governing media in the courts, concerns regarding media, distribution of case documents, and working as a liaison between the courts and the media.  

The Communications Office is prohibited from answering questions about legal procedure, rulings or opinions and it cannot provide legal advice or legal referrals. 

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Contact Information

Contact Information

  • If you are a party to a case or need information about a case, contact:
    The Trial Court Information Center: 1-855-212-1234
  • If you have received a jury summons, or are a juror and have questions, contact:
    The Jury Center at 1-855-207-8888
  • If you have questions regarding filing an appeal with the New Hampshire Supreme Court or if your case is currently on appeal and you have questions, contact:
    The New Hampshire Supreme Court Clerk’s Office at 1-888-535-1946 
  • If you are a member of the news media and need information about a case, Contact:
    the Communications Office via email at