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Contact a Court

Call the court information center

Questions about the Circuit and Superior Courts should be directed to the Trial Court Information center (1-855-212-1234).  

The staff in the Information Center will be happy to help you. But, please remember that the Information Center staff and court staff must remain impartial. They do not take sides. They give the same information to both sides to a case.

Find Your Court

For certain cases and court hearings, you may need to go to the courthouse to file documents or appear for a hearing.

Find your court  

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Here's what staff can do:

  • Give you information about court procedures.
  • Let you see your file or other public files and provide copies of documents for a copying charge.
  • Give you court forms and information about how to fill them out. Staff cannot complete forms for you.
  • Give you information about court schedules.
  • Give you general information about how to get your own lawyer. Staff cannot recommend a specific lawyer.
  • Give you information about mediation, parenting courses, courses for children of divorcing parents and community services.
  • Give you information about electronic filing of cases.

Here's what staff cannot do:

  • Give legal advice.
  • Tell you whether to file a case or tell you what specific action you should take in your case.
  • Talk to the judge for you, or let you talk to the judge privately.
  • Change a court order.
  • Tell you what to say in court.
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Important notice about private numbers

Important notice about private numbers

If your phone is set up to block private numbers, you will need to change the blocking feature or provide a number that will accept calls from the Superior and Circuit Courts.