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Supreme Court Tours

Take a tour of the New Hampshire Supreme Court in Concord, NH

The NH Supreme Court is delighted to welcome students to the courthouse in Concord to support their fourth-grade civics education curriculum. As in years past, the court is coordinating with the General Court of New Hampshire Visitor Center to schedule tours covering the three branches of government. 

The forty-five-minute tour includes the Courtroom, the Supreme Court Conference room, and the NH Law Library. Law clerks will engage students in interactive discussions about the courtroom and its unique features, the purpose and function of an appeals court, and the connection between the legislature that enacts laws and the court that interprets them. A Supreme Court Justice may meet with the students to talk about the role of the Supreme Court in NH government and to answer questions. The students will also learn how the NH Law Library differs from their school library and how it is uniquely purposed to help people learn about the law. They will have an opportunity to view (and read from!) some very old and special books important in NH history.

About the Supreme Court

Before visiting, students may want to learn more about the court’s history and role in our democracy. Here are links to learn more!

Schedule Your Visit

Guided tours require advance registration. If you’re planning to tour the State House and the court, please use the Online Tour Request at the General Court of NH Visitor Center website. Indicate your desire for a combined tour. The Statehouse and the Court will coordinate the tour schedule.

Should you choose to visit only the Supreme Court, you may submit your request using the Supreme Court Tour Form.

Tour Guidelines

To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable learning experience at the NH Supreme Court, please read the Supreme Court Tour Guidelines BEFORE booking your tour. We recommend the information be shared with all adults and that the rules for food, backpacks, mobile devices, etc., in the court are explained to students before arrival.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact Linda Clark, NH Supreme Court or call (603) 271-2646, ext. 0247

Inside the Souter Conference Room
Inside the Souter Conference Room


Inside the Supreme Court Courtroom
Inside the Supreme Court Courtroom


Supreme Court Wall of Justices
The Wall of Justices


Supreme Court Hallway
The Hallway to the John W. King Law Library


Supreme Court Clerks Office Window
Supreme Court Clerks Office Window


Inside the Law Library
Inside the John W. King Law Library

Schedule Your Visit

Guided tours of the Supreme Court are available upon request for fourth grade students.

Civics 603!

The Supreme Court also participates in student programs offered by Civics 603! such as mock trials for students in fifth, sixth, and seventh grades, and mock appellate arguments for middle and high school students. If you would like to participate in one of the programs offered by Civics 603! at the court, please visit the Civics 603! website for more information.

Visit the Civics 603! website  

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