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Introducing CaseLines for NH Superior Court

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January – February 2022 Training Dates Posted

If you present evidence in Rockingham, Hillsborough County North or South, and haven't attended CaseLines Training, now is the time to register. Check out the newest training schedule!

Hillsborough County South to Begin Statewide Rollout

The NH Superior Court will begin the statewide implementation of CaseLines beginning in Hillsborough County South in February 2022. To learn more, see Updates on the CaseLines Pilot

New Hampshire Superior Court launches CaseLines Digital Evidence Center

A new Digital Evidence Management Platform

The New Hampshire Superior Court is bringing digital evidence to all Superior Court civil and criminal cases to expand its electronic filing services. CaseLines Digital Evidence Center (“CaseLines”), a Thomson Reuters product, is a cloud-based court exhibit and evidence management application. Judges, court staff, attorneys, self-represented litigants (SRLs), and other justice partners will be trained to upload, submit, and present evidence in the courtroom during trials and evidentiary hearings. CaseLines will allow New Hampshire to expedite court services and offer constituents more efficient and timely access to justice.


Litigators requested that the court include exhibits in the otherwise fully electronic case file. The NH Superior court has responded by implementing CaseLines – a state-of-the-art digital evidence center that extends the NH Superior Court’s commitment to technology innovation in the courtroom.

What CaseLines Can Do!

Attorneys and SRLs can leverage CaseLines exhibit management software to organize, annotate, and present all types of evidence in both civil and criminal cases. Efficient exhibit communication driven by CaseLines is expected to support speedier hearings and reduce workload.

Updates on the CaseLines Pilot

The CaseLines Digital Evidence Management pilots in Rockingham Superior and Hillsborough County Superior North continue with great success. Judges, litigators, and court staff are learning how to optimize the technology that eliminates burdensome paper copies and facilitates multimedia evidence presentations. Planning for the statewide rollout in 2022 is underway. Hillsborough County South will start using CaseLines in February. Additional courts will come online throughout the winter and spring of 2022. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates.

Important note: If you've experienced CaseLines in action, the court would appreciate hearing from you. Please email your observations or questions to, and staff will respond promptly. Also, don't forget to read CaseLines FAQs From User Feedback and CaseLines Administrative Orders. If you haven’t attended training, register here today.

CaseLines Benefits

  • All evidence/exhibits are easily accessible online
  • Sharing exhibits with practice administrators, opposing counsel, and the court is easy
  • Evidence viewing equipment provided by the court
  • Extensive exhibit management tools are available to all litigators
  • Mobile access: Easily obtain smartphone exhibits from clients and other case parties

CaseLines Support