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The Family Division handles cases involving divorce. It also handles parenting cases between unmarried persons. These used to be called "custody" or "visitation" actions. 

Please watch the First Appearance Session video on YouTube or Livestream for an overview of the court process for people with children under the age of 18. Then, find the checklist below for your situation.

How do you file a divorce petition? 

How do you file a parenting petition? 

How to get a court order enforced

How to modify parental rights, child support and other court orders



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Change of Address

It is very important to inform the court when your address changes. This way, you will always receive important information that may be sent from the court. A Change of Address Notification must be filed with the court and a copy provided to all other parties on the case (unless there is a court order that an address be kept confidential). Failure to keep the court informed of your address may result in your not receiving court notices and having the court hearings held without you being present. 

Change of Address Notification Form

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Anyone who goes to court without a lawyer takes a serious risk. These cases can be complicated and it is recommended that you consult a lawyer to best protect your interests, especially if there are issues regarding parental rights and responsibilities of children, property or pension/retirement benefits.

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How can court staff help?

How can court staff help?

The staff in the Clerk's office and the staff in the Trial Court Information Center (1-855-212-1234) will be happy to help you. But, please remember that the court staff must remain impartial. They do not take sides. They give the same information to both sides to a case. They can provide you with information about forms and procedures, but cannot give you legal advice or give you specific information about your situation.

Callers from outside the US or Canada must use the Circuit Court's toll number: 603-415-0162.