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Supreme Court Tour Guidelines

The Supreme Court is a workplace for judges and staff, and these guidelines will assist everyone in having a positive experience during their visit.

Before You Come to the Supreme Court

  • Special Requests: Please make all special requests when scheduling the tour. Court staff will try to accommodate reasonable requests. Notify your tour guide upon arrival of any special requests.
  • Use the bathroom beforehand: Restrooms are limited at the Supreme Court. Please make every effort to allow students to use restrooms BEFORE arriving at the Supreme Court. An adult must supervise students using the restrooms.
  • On-Time Arrival: Plan to arrive and leave at your scheduled times. Tours are generally 45 minutes to 1 hour. If you will be more than 10 minutes early or late, please call (603) 271-2646 notify Linda Clark (ext. 0247) or Lisa Merrill (ext. 0217). We cannot accommodate groups who arrive too early or leave later than their scheduled time.
  • Backpacks/Food: NO backpacks, food, drink, or gum is permitted (unless medically necessary).
  • Attire: Appropriate attire is appreciated.
  • Cameras and Mobile Devices: Only adults may use cameras and mobile devices in the Supreme Court.

After You Get Here

  • Entering Court: One teacher may enter the building at the front entrance to notify Security of the group’s arrival. Security will direct students through security screening. Please DO NOT bring groups into the building until one adult has notified Security.
  • Hats/Winter Jackets: Please remove hats inside the building. It may be easier for students/teachers during the winter months if students leave their jackets on the bus during the tour.
  • Chaperones: For security reasons, groups may visit only certain sections of the court. We tour as one large group. It is imperative that chaperones and teachers assist with keeping students together and that no one separates from the group at any time. We ask that you limit the number of chaperones to four per class.
  • Indoor voices please: The Supreme Court is a working building. Before and throughout your visit, please remind students that judges and staff are working and to use “whispers.”
  • Supreme Court Justices: The Justices are notified of your visit and will try to meet the students if they can. There may be other events scheduled during your tour. We will work around those events or even include them in your tour if appropriate.