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Benefits - NH e-Court Program

Through this project, the NHJB is achieving measurable benefits from e-Filing, among them:

  • Providing speedier access to justice by reducing court case processing time as indicated by the reduction in Time to Disposition measures.
  • Reducing the need for costly paper copies, postage, and trips to the clerk's office
  • Offering the convenience of 24/7 online case filing and automated notifications to case participants
    • As of 6/1/18, 51,500 cases were filed electronically
      • 56% by attorneys; 44% by self-represented litigants
      • Less than 1% of cases filed to date include a recusal request
Metric Result
Time to Disposition Small Claims: 22% decrease
Time to Disposition


  1. Of Minor (person only): 37% decrease
  2. Of Minor (Person + Estate or Estate Only): 72% decrease
  3. Of Incapacitated Individual: 9% decrease
Time to Disposition Wills/Estates:  8% decrease
Requests to be Excused from e-Filing Less than 1% of all e-filed cases begin with a request to opt out of e-filing

Currently, about 15% of all Circuit Court cases in NH are e-Filed