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Superior Court Law Clerk Program

The Superior Court is a court of general jurisdiction and is the highest level trial court in New Hampshire. The court currently employs 16 law clerks, approximately half of whom are hired each year, providing a substantial overlap of experience for incoming law clerks.

The New Hampshire Superior Court seeks to fill law clerk positions which commence each year beginning in August. Superior Court law clerks are required to commit to a two-year clerkship. Applicants must be either law school graduates or rising 3rd year law students who expect to graduate prior to commencement of employment in August of the following year.

Law clerks are initially assigned to one of eight court locations for a period of one year. Prior to the start of the second year of the clerkship, law clerks may request to remain in that location for their second year or relocate to a different court. Every effort is made to accommodate these requests, however, in some instances, it may not be possible. In addition, law clerks may be required to travel to provide coverage at other court locations. 

Law clerks in the Superior Court work closely with each of the judges in their home court, and they also get the opportunity to work with other judges located throughout the state. Law clerks will be involved in research for and the drafting of legal rulings and orders in the wide array of cases that come before the court. The workload is generally evenly split between criminal and civil cases. The position involves a significant amount of in-court assistance to the trial judges, with an emphasis on strong writing skills. 

The clerkship will provide a keen understanding of the workings of the trial courts of New Hampshire.
Interested candidates are invited to apply directly to the New Hampshire Superior Court. To view the job posting, please use the following link: Superior Court Judicial Clerkship Job Posting.

Notice: It is recommended to check this website occasionally for possible modifications to the job posting. 

Revised 5/10/21