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Right-to-Know Registration and/or Appeal of an Ombudsman’s Order (RSA 91-A:7-a)

The intent of this new process is to provide the public with a simpler, less costly, and quicker way to resolve complaints under the right-to-know statute. Anyone can file a written complaint with the office of the ombudsman. There is a $25 fee associated with the filing. The ombudsman shall determine if there have been any right-to-know violations and issue a ruling. 

Any party may appeal the ombudsman’s final decision to the superior court by filing a Right-to-Know Appeal within 30 days after the ombudsman’s final ruling by filing the Right-to-Know Appeal Form, along with a copy of the ombudsman’s ruling. Citizen-initiated appeals shall have no filing fee.

If the ombudsman’s final ruling is not appealed, it may be registered in Merrimack County Superior Court as an enforceable judgement.

Right-to-Know Appeal Form

Filer: Attorney

Registration of Ombudsman Order

Appeal of Ombudsman Order

Filer: Self-Represented

Registration of Ombudsman Order

Appeal of Ombudsman Order
File in Paper (Exempt from E-filing)