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Notarized Forms

The following process is followed in cases where a clerk's office staff member is asked to serve as a notary but does not have personal knowledge of the person making the request:

  • The person will be asked to produce some form of identification. A driver's license is preferable, but other forms of identification such as school or employment IDs etc. may be used;
  • If the person does not provide some form of identification, the staff member may receive the oath or affirmation of a credible witness personally known to the staff person taking the acknowledgment as to the identity of the person;
  • If the above are not available, the individual may appear before a judge, master or clerk who shall inquire of the individual's identity. If, upon inquiry, the individual is found to be credible and it is determined that the person is the person whose true signature is on the document, then the acknowledgment should be made.