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The names, terms and appointing authority who shall fill any vacancy for each current member of the Judicial Conduct Committee and Alternate Panel member are set forth below: 

Judicial Conduct Committee:

Current Member Expiration of Appointment Appointing Authority
Jennifer L. Smith 07/01/2027 Governor
Attorney Richard Guerriero 07/01/2027 Bar Association
The Honorable John T. Pendleton 07/01/2027 Supreme Court
Stephen R. L’Heureux 07/01/2026 Speaker of the House
John Mullen 07/01/2026 Bar Association
Delton Record, Jr.  07/01/2026 Governor
The Honorable Jennifer A. Lemire 07/31/2024 Supreme Court
Thomas J. Moses 07/01/2026 Senate President
The Honorable Neals-Erik William Delker 07/01/2025 Supreme Court
Larry Gilpin 07/01/2025 Supreme Court
Sherry Bisson 07/01/2025 Supreme Court

Alternate Panel: 

Current Member Expiration of Appointment Appointing Authority
Thomas E. Buchanan 07/01/2024 Bar Association
Amy Feliciano 07/01/2024 Supreme Court
Jack Crisp, Esq. 07/01/2024 Bar Association
Marcia Sinks 07/01/2024 Governor


07/01/2024 Supreme Court
William Belvin 07/01/2024 Senate President
The Honorable Polly L. Hall 07/01/2024 Supreme Court
The Honorable James D. O’Neill, III 07/01/2024 Supreme Court
The Honorable Christina M. O'Neill 07/01/2024 Supreme Court
------------------------- 07/01/2024 Governor
Peter Fiedler 07/01/2027 Speaker of the House