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3JX Final Orders

The final orders below were issued by the Supreme Court in cases heard by the three-judge panel appeal process known as 3JX. They have been made available on a regular basis beginning with final 3JX orders issued on or after September 1, 2004. Only final orders issued in 3JX cases will be published here; orders in 3JX cases that are not final orders, such as an order remanding to the trial court for clarification, will not be published. 3JX final orders in confidential cases are not published here or elsewhere.

The court has authorized the publication of 3JX orders for informational purposes only. Readers should be aware that Supreme Court Rule 12-D(3) states that a 3JX order has no precedential value. It provides:

An order issued by a 3JX panel shall have no precedential value, but it may, nevertheless, be cited or referenced in pleadings or rulings in any court in this state, so long as it is identified as a non-precedential order and so long as it was issued in a non-confidential case; provided, however, that an order may be cited and shall be controlling with respect to issues of claim preclusion, law of the case and similar issues involving the parties or facts of the case in which the order was issued. All citations to non-precedential orders shall identify the court, docket number and date.