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Procedure Bulletins

Probate Court Procedure Bulletins are internal Probate Court documents designed to enhance procedural uniformity throughout the Probate Courts. Bulletins do not replace statutes, Probate Court Rules, or Probate Court Administrative Orders and must be read in conjunction with these authorities.

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For those case types that are electronically filed, the Electronic Filing Rules supersede any related Procedure Bulletins.

E-filing of new Guardianship cases was effective June 2015.

E-filing of NEW Estate cases became effective on May 23, 2017 for:
Laconia (4th Circuit), Concord (6th Circuit), Dover (7th Circuit), Brentwood (10th Circuit)

E-filing of NEW Estate cases became effective statewide on June 14, 2017 for the remaining probate divisions:
Lancaster (1st Circuit), Haverhill (2nd Circuit), Ossipee (3rd Circuit), Newport (5th Circuit), Keene (8th Circuit), Nashua (9th Circuit)

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