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Civil Cases - District Division

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Scheduling of Small Claims and Civil Cases

Scheduling of Small Claims and Civil Cases

During the past two years, small claims and civil cases were significantly impacted by scheduling limitations caused by the Covid state of emergency.  Courts are working to reduce backlogs, prioritizing the oldest cases in an effort to bring scheduling of all small claims and civil cases current.

Please check with the Information Center 1-855-212-1234 for the scheduling status of specific courts.

Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing is mandatory in civil cases at all district division locations.  Self-represented litigants will use the program TurboCourt.  Attorneys will use the program File & Serve. If you had filed your original civil action in paper (not electronically) and have received a judgment that you are trying to collect, you may continue to file your pleadings in paper. Please be aware of the Circuit Court’s Electronic Filing Rules.

Basic Facts

The District Division of the Circuit Court can hear civil cases involving requests for money damages.  The damages may not exceed $25,000. If damages exceed $25,000, the case must be filed in the Superior Court. If damages are $10,000 or less, a Small Claim may be filed.

Civil Complaints may be filed in the District Division. The NH Supreme Court recently issued new court rules for these actions.  In addition, it is important to be familiar with the general Rules of the Circuit Court District Division.

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After reviewing the information on these pages, if you need further assistance please contact the Trial Court Information Center: 1-855-212-1234 for calls from US or Canada (Calls from outside US or Canada call 603-415-0162)