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For Immediate Release
Posted: April 05, 2024


NH Circuit Courts Launch E-Filing for Non-Emergency Involuntary Admissions Cases

Filing for Non-Emergency Involuntary Admissions Cases Now Available 24 Hours Every Day

Concord, NH – Circuit Courts in New Hampshire have launched e-filing for Involuntary (Non-Emergency) Admission - RSA 135-C cases (IN cases). A 135-C petition for Involuntary Admission (Non-Emergency) is filed in the Probate Division of Circuit Court when a person has been examined by a medical professional and found to be of such mental condition, as a result of mental illness, as to create a potentially serious likelihood of danger to themself or others. The petition includes a recommendation that the person (identified as the respondent in the case) be admitted on an involuntary basis to a designated receiving facility for psychiatric treatment. This admission can last for up to five years. A renewal petition may also be filed if there is a need for treatment beyond the initial five years. More resources about Involuntary Admission are available online.


The advancement of e-filing for 135-C cases was made possible with federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to improve mental health-related court processes in New Hampshire. It presents an opportunity for those seeking assistance for patients to access an easy-to-use, remote method of filing a case. The e-filing process includes simplified forms, email notification, receipt of electronically filed case documents from the Court and other participants in the case, and additional resource links for those who need more information about these types of cases and the court process. In addition to these improvements, hearings and processing for each IN case are now centralized in Concord, with a dedicated case manager.


“These are some of the most difficult situations we see,” said Judge David King, Administrative Judge for the Circuit Court. “Persons who are most vulnerable in our communities will benefit from greater access to justice through 24/7 filing capabilities, without having to wait for a courthouse to open in order to file critical paperwork.”


The e-filing system will also streamline billing, receipt and review of medical reports, and other critical steps of the process.


To design the new system, the Judicial Branch engaged providers, attorneys, and those with lived experience. A cross-disciplinary team of court staff, judges, project managers, and technology professionals focused on simplifying the process and translating it to the e-filing platform. The Judicial Branch welcomes feedback as it continues to improve its technology to increase access to justice for all New Hampshire residents.


The public can learn more about e-filing in New Hampshire courts here: