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Circuit Court Restricted Email

Each Circuit Court is assigned an email address for restricted use in certain non-electronically filed cases.

Use of restricted email is limited to the following in non-electronically filed cases:

  • Documents relating to Notice of Admission by Guardian in Involuntary Admission
  • Documents a judicial officer or court staff have requested to be filed by email
  • Documents relating to criminal pleas/sentencing scheduled for telephonic or video hearing.
  • Documents relating to non-criminal cases scheduled for telephonic or video hearing in which the hearing notice was issued within 10 days of the hearing date. 

As required by Circuit Court Administrative Order 2021- 06 permitted emails must be sent with a completed Restricted Email Cover Sheet (NHJB-2871-DFP) along with the document(s) for filing. 

Emails sent without the completed Cover Sheet form and permitted documents attached will be rejected.

Emails sent without the required documents attached will receive the following error message:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
Your email must include a Restricted Email Cover Sheet (NHJB-2871-DFP) along with your filing(s).
Your message wasn't delivered due to an e-mail rule restriction created by the recipient's organization e-mail administrator. Please contact the recipient or the recipient's e-mail administrator to remove the restriction. 
For more information about this error see DSN code 5.7.1 in Exchange Online.

NOTE: The last sentences of the error message, above, are not applicable to the court’s Restricted email. Do not contact the court to remove the restriction. The restriction will not be removed. If you have questions about the reasons for a rejected email, please contact the Information Center at 855-212-1234.

List of Circuit Court Restricted Email Addresses