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Swearing in Remarks by Senior Associate Justice Gary Hicks

Gary E. Hicks was sworn in as the 104th member of the New Hampshire Supreme Court on January 30, 2006. Gov. John Lynch administered the oath during a brief ceremony attended by family, friends and colleagues of Justice Hicks, who served for five years on the Superior Court prior to his nomination to the Supreme Court. Justice Hicks made the following remarks after taking the oath in the Executive Council chambers: 

"Wow," that was the response from both of our children when I emailed them the news of this nomination. When I finally reached Patty, the reaction was about the same albeit somewhat more emotional.

It is an honor and a privilege to be here. This has been a remarkable three months. Many, including many of you here, have extended us great kindness and support throughout. Patty and I have tried to thank you along the way. In case we left someone out, let me extend our appreciation now.

Permit me a moment to reference a few individuals, first and foremost my wife Patricia. With due respect to the solemnity of the occasion, when I think of her, I am reminded of that old Beach Boys song and lyric "God only knows what I’d be without her." Those of you who know us know what I mean.

We’d like to thank the Judicial Selection Committee chaired by Phil Waystack and Jill Blackmer for its hundreds of hours of diligent investigation and vigorous examination.

We’d like to thank Kate Hanna, Rich Siegel and Kathy Goode and of course ultimately Governor Lynch for the faith you placed in me.

We’d especially like to thank the Executive Council: Councilor Ray Burton for the dignified manner in which he conducted the public hearing; Councilor Peter Spaulding for eloquently contrasting the nature of the New Hampshire confirmation process with that ongoing in Washington; Councilor Ruth Griffin for her generosity of spirit and the warmth of her questions; Councilor Ray Wieczoreck for his wit and wisdom; and Councilor Debra Pignatelli for the thorough and thoughtful nature of her questions.

I am honored, privileged and humbled to become the 104th justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Justice Nadeau’s shoes will be hard to fill. I am pleased to share with you that he has already offered to help me in this transition. I look forward to joining the four wonderful jurists across the river, and I thank them for the kind assistance they have already extended.

Allow me to close with two promises:

Part I, Article 35 of the New Hampshire constitution provides, among other things, that judges of the Supreme Judicial Court should hold their office so long as they behave well.

I promise to behave.

Part I, Article 8 provides in part that "All power residing originally in, and being derived from the people, all magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and agents and at all times accountable to them."

I promise to never, ever, forget that.

Thank you all for being here. Thank you for your love and support.