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Welcome - Superior Court

To the Citizens of New Hampshire:

Welcome to the Superior Court. We are the general jurisdiction trial court within the judicial system and handle all jury trials both civil and criminal, as well as some non-jury trial matters. Most of our cases involve personal injury actions, medical and legal malpractice claims, zoning and planning board appeals, property line disputes and felony criminal jury trials. Several years ago, the New Hampshire Legislature established the Business Court within the Superior Court, which hears complex corporate litigation. 

Coming to court can be overwhelming and stressful, and whether you are a juror, litigant, attorney or a member of the public, we want to make sure we are responsive to your needs and provide open access to justice. We appreciate that coming to court to resolve your case may be one of the most important events in your life and we will always endeavor to treat you with respect and patience. 

The information on this website is meant to provide you with basic information about the Superior Court and its procedures and  to serve as a reference for further inquiry. If you have specific concerns about your case or have more specific questions, please call or visit the clerk's office at the court where your case is being heard. I am certain you will find the members of the clerks' staffs most helpful in providing further information.

The public is invited to visit any one of our Superior Court locations to obtain a first-hand look at the process involved in serving the public and litigants' pursuit of justice.

For further information, contact the NHJB Information Center at 1 (855) 212-1234.
The Honorable Tina L. Nadeau
Chief Justice