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To the Citizens of New Hampshire: 

We are pleased to welcome you to the New Hampshire Circuit Court which includes the District, Probate and Family Divisions. The establishment of the Circuit Court on July 1, 2011 was a major milestone for the Judicial Branch and it reflects an extensive effort to streamline our operations so that we can provide better more efficient and more economical service to the citizens who come to our courts.

The Circuit Court reflects our willingness to change the way we do business and make the best of the resources available to us. Most importantly, we believe that this restructuring will improve the administration of justice in our state as we work, in challenging economic times, to fulfill our constitutional obligation to provide fair and equal access to justice for all citizens. 

When you visit the Circuit Court, you will not see many changes, other than a new name on the door or in the title of a form. The addresses and telephone numbers for District, Probate and Family locations are the same as they were prior to the establishment of the Circuit Court. There are important differences however behind the scenes. In the Circuit Court clerks offices throughout the state, we have made changes that will help us be more responsive to the needs of court users, whether it is answering a telephone inquiry or processing a court order. 

We ask for your support and patience as the Circuit Court gets underway. We are confident that it will strengthen the Judicial Branch and its stated mission "to provide accessible, prompt, and efficient forums for the fair and independent administration of justice, with respect for the dignity of all we serve."

David D. King
Circuit Court
Administrative Judge 

Judges List

Hon. David D. King, Administrative Judge
Hon. Susan W. Ashley, Deputy Administrative Judge 
Hon. Michael L. Alfano
Hon. John F. Boyle
Hon. David J. Burns
Hon. Christine Casa
Hon. Kimberly A. Chabot
Hon. Sandra L. Cabrera
Hon. Ellen Christo
Hon. Melissa C. Countway 
Hon. Philip Cross
Hon. John Curran
Hon. Mark S. Derby
Hon. David S. Forrest
Hon. Sawako T. Gardner
Hon. Michael H. Garner
Hon. James Gleason 
Hon. Suzanne M. Gorman
Hon. Charles L. Greenhalgh
Hon. Polly L. Hall
Hon. Justin S. Hersh
Hon. Ellen Joseph
Hon. Christopher Keating
Hon. Beth Kissinger
Hon. Jennifer A. Lemire
Hon. Bradley Lown
Hon. Henrietta W. Luneau
Hon. William H. Lyons
Hon. Michael C. Mace
Hon. Erin B. McIntyre
Hon. Margaret A. Moran
Hon. Barbara A.M. Maloney
Hon. Scott Murray
Hon. John T. Pendleton
Hon. Todd Prevett
Hon. Patricia B. Quigley
Hon. Kevin Rauseo
Hon. Patrick W. Ryan
Hon. Kerry Steckowych 
Hon. Robert S. Stephen
Hon. Janet H. Subers
Hon. Daniel Swegart
Hon. Edward B. Tenney
Hon. Joseph D. Tessier
Hon. Mark F. Weaver
Hon. John J. Yazinski 
Hon. Michael Zaino

Per Diem Marital Master
Thomas G. Cooper

Senior Active Status Judges
Hon. Susan B. Carbon
Hon. Christina M. O’Neill
Hon. M. Kristin Spath

Judicial Referees (Retired Judges)
Hon. Gerard J. Boyle 
Hon. Edward J. Burke
Hon. James M. Carroll
Hon. Gary R. Cassavechia
Hon. Robert J. Foley 
Hon. David L. Kent
Hon. Clifford R. Kinghorn
Hon. James H. Leary
Hon. Paul H. Lawrence
Hon. David G. LeFrancois
Hon. James R. Patten
Hon. Thomas A. Rappa

Referees (Attorneys appointed pursuant to RSA 490-F:5)
Gina Belmont
Sheri Colligan
Kate Geraci 
Ryan Guptill
Brigette Siff Holmes 
Larry Kane 
Pamela Kozlowski
Dianne Ricardo
Dana Zucker