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Abuse/Neglect of Children

The Family Division handles cases filed by the state involving abused or neglected children. The purpose of this process is to protect children, keep families together when possible, provide assistance to parents so they can raise healthy and safe children, and to provide treatment and services to children who are placed outside their home. 

Abuse/Neglect Forms


Training Videos

Chapter 1A, Parental Fitness Hearing

Chapter 1B, Missing Parent 

Chapter 11, Permanency Hearings and Post-Permanency Hearings

Chapters 12, 13, 14 and 15, Termination of Parental Rights, Surrender, Voluntary Mediation and Adoption

2015 Protocols Relative to RSA 169-C Post-Permanency Hearings for Older Youth with a Permanency Plan of Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement (APPLA)

2012 Protocols Relative to Children and Youth in Court