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For Immediate Release
Posted: April 04, 2023


Timothy A. Gudas, Clerk, Supreme Court of New Hampshire

Notice regarding the forthcoming reappointment or appointment of a member of the Housing Appeals Board

Members of the Housing Appeals Board are appointed by the Supreme Court and commissioned by the Governor. See RSA 679:2. One of the three current members is Elizabeth R. Fischer, whose initial three-year term is due to expire on June 30, 2023. By statute, the other two current members are an attorney licensed to practice in New Hampshire and a professional engineer who is also a land surveyor. See RSA 679:1. Elizabeth R. Fischer has served as chair of the Housing Appeals Board since December 18, 2021, and has notified the Supreme Court of her interest in continuing to serve as a member and the chair for an additional five-year term beginning July 1, 2023.

To carry out its statutory responsibility as the appointing authority, the Supreme Court invites comments from members of the bar and the public as the Court considers whether to reappoint Elizabeth R. Fischer to a five-year term on the Housing Appeals Board.

Any other individual who seeks consideration for appointment to the Housing Appeals Board or designation as its chair should submit an application that includes a current resume and a separate statement of interest. The application should: (1) explain the applicant’s reasons for seeking appointment to the Housing Appeals Board or designation as its chair; (2) list two professional colleagues and two lay people who could act as a reference concerning the applicant’s fitness to serve as a member or the chair of the Housing Appeals Board; and (3) identify and discuss the two or three most significant cases, transactions, administrative hearings, or development projects in which the applicant has been involved during his or her professional career. An individual applying in this instance need not be an attorney licensed to practice law in New Hampshire, a professional engineer, or a land surveyor. See RSA 679:1.

Comments and applications should be directed to Clerk Timothy A. Gudas, New Hampshire Supreme Court, One Charles Doe Drive, 03301, and marked HOUSING APPEALS BOARD – CONFIDENTIAL.

Comments and applications must be received by the close of business on April 25, 2023.