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For Immediate Release
Posted: September 29, 2022


Susan Warner, Communications Manager
(802) 299-6945 |

New Hampshire Trial Courts to Adjust Schedule to Accommodate Training and Professional Development

CONCORD, NH—New Hampshire’s two trial courts will modify their schedules in 2023 in order to launch a new program for training and professional development for judges and court staff.  

Given the specialized nature of the trial courts’ work and its importance to New Hampshire’s citizens, ongoing training and development is particularly important. The Task Force on Domestic Violence Cases in the Judicial Branch and the Supreme Court Commission on the Judicial Branch Workplace Environment both recommended enhanced training. However, the volume and intensity of current workloads often precludes the opportunity for meaningful training while courts are open.  

Beginning on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, the Circuit Court, Superior Court, and the courts’ Information Center will delay opening from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m.  This schedule will be in effect on the first and third Wednesday of every month. No courtroom activity, such as trials and hearings, will be scheduled during this time.  Regular off-hours services will be available, including electronic filing and law enforcement access to an on-call judge for the processing of warrants.

This time will be devoted to court-specific and case-type specific trainings, Branch-wide trainings, and professional development. Time will also be set aside for tasks involving case processing, including court orders. Regularly scheduled time will help the courts meet training objectives while minimizing disruption to court operations, and ultimately benefit all participants and court users. 

Information on the Judicial Branch website ( will include a schedule of the days and times when in-service days are being held.