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For Immediate Release
Date: November 16, 2023


Timothy A. Gudas, Clerk, Supreme Court of New Hampshire

Attorney Discipline System Seeking Attorney Members of the Complaint Screening Committee and Professional Conduct Committee

The New Hampshire Supreme Court Attorney Discipline System seeks applications from attorneys interested in serving on the Attorney Discipline System’s Complaint Screening Committee and Professional Conduct Committee.  Beginning January 1, 2024, there will be openings for one attorney to serve on the Complaint Screening Committee for a three-year term, and two attorneys to serve on the Professional Conduct Committee for three-year terms.  The Court encourages volunteers who have not previously served on the Committees of the Supreme Court to apply.

Complaint Screening Committee

The 9-member Complaint Screening Committee, established by New Hampshire Supreme Court Rule 37, considers and acts on requests for reconsideration filed by grievants following a decision by the Attorney Discipline Office’s general counsel not to docket a matter as a complaint.  In addition, Committee members will consider and act on reports by Attorney Discipline Office staff members with respect to docketed complaints; remove from the docket matters that the Committee determines are not within the jurisdiction of the Attorney Discipline System or that do not meet the requirements for docketing; recommend that matters be diverted; and refer complaints to disciplinary counsel for further investigation and potential hearing.      

Professional Conduct Committee

The 12-member Professional Conduct Committee considers hearing panel reports and memoranda submitted by respondent attorneys and Disciplinary Counsel.  Often the Committee holds oral arguments.  The Committee considers the entire record and takes actions which can include dismissing the complaint; finding Rule violations and imposing disciplinary sanctions, including reprimand, public censure or a suspension not to exceed six months; attaching appropriate conditions to any discipline it imposes; offering diversion to respondent attorneys if appropriate; and filing a recommendation and the record of the proceedings with the New Hampshire Supreme Court on all matters in which the Committee decides that the appropriate sanction should be disbarment or suspension of more than six months.

Members of the Complaint Screening Committee and Professional Conduct Committee attend one meeting per month.  These are volunteer positions.  A complete description of the Attorney Discipline System, the roles of the Complaint Screening Committee and Professional Conduct Committee, as well as the Application to serve on the Committees, can be found on the Attorney Discipline System website:  Appointments to the Committees are made by the Supreme Court.  

Individuals interested in being considered for appointment to the Committees should complete the Application and submit it to the Attorney Discipline Office by December 12, 2023.  Applications can be mailed to the Attorney Discipline Office at the following address:  NH Supreme Court Attorney Discipline Office, Attn: Kathy Cleveland, 4 Chenell Drive, Suite 102, Concord, NH 03301; or emailed to the Attorney Discipline Office at the following email address:  Please contact Brian R. Moushegian, General Counsel, at (603) 224-5828 if you have any questions. Thank you.