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Court Access during COVID

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, special rules for the media have been in place. Please refer to these instructions before coming to court proceedings.

In-Person or Remote Access to Court Proceedings

The court will continue to provide telephonic and WebEx access to some court proceedings. However, the Branch is mindful of the importance of media access to public court proceedings and in our continuing effort to serve the public, we have updated the jury protocol to permit all media, including reporters, photographers and videographers, to attend in person until a limit of 35 persons per courtroom is reached.  

After taking into account the number of parties, counsel, staff and other necessary persons, the presiding judge will determine if the courtroom has sufficient space to allow media attendance while satisfying social distancing guidelines. The court will provide WebEx access when these limits have been reached.

Webex and Telephonic Hearing Requests

Media requests for WebEx or in-person attendance at court proceedings, including photographers and videographers, should continue to go through Communications Office

Media can refer to the Daily Docket; for case information and must contact the Communications Office to request access. More information regarding this process, as well as technical tips are available at Media Access to Webex Court Proceedings.

Any media outlet that seeks access to a District Court proceeding must contact the Communications Office to make arrangements for telephonic access. 

Kiosks and Document Access

Kiosks have reopened at court locations across the state.